17 CFR § 200.201 - General provisions.

§ 200.201 General provisions.

(a) For purpose of this subpart, a person shall be considered unavailable or incapacitated in any situation and from any cause that prevents the person from assuming or performing on a timely basis his or her authorized duties, roles, or responsibilities of office, whether from a primary or alternate facility, or any other location.

(b) For purpose of this subpart, emergency conditions shall be deemed to commence upon the occurrence, or the imminent threat of the occurrence, of a natural or man-made disturbance, including, but not limited to, an armed attack against the United States, its territories or possessions, terrorist attack, civil disturbance, fire, pandemic, hurricane, or flood, that results in, or threatens imminently to result in, a substantial disruption of the organization or operations of the Commission. Such conditions shall be deemed to continue until the Commission shall, by notice or older, resume its normal organization and operations, whether at its headquarters in Washington, DC or elsewhere.

[71 FR 33386, June 9, 2006]