17 CFR § 201.200 - Initiation of proceedings.

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§ 201.200 Initiation of proceedings.

(a) Order instituting proceedings: Notice and opportunity for hearing—(1) Generally. Whenever an order instituting proceedings is issued by the Commission, appropriate notice thereof shall be given to each party to the proceeding by the Secretary or another duly designated officer of the Commission. Each party shall be given notice of any hearing within a time reasonable in light of the circumstances, in advance of the hearing; provided, however, no prior notice need be given to a respondent if the Commission has authorized the Division of Enforcement to seek a temporary sanction ex parte.

(2) Stop order proceedings: Additional persons entitled to notice. Any notice of a proceeding relating to the issuance of a stop order suspending the effectiveness of a registration statement pursuant to Section 8(d) of the Securities Act of 1933, 15 U.S.C. 77h(d), shall be sent to or served on the issuer; or, in the case of a foreign government or political subdivision thereof, sent to or served on the underwriter; or, in the case of a foreign or territorial person, sent to or served on its duly authorized representative in the United States named in the registration statement, properly directed in the case of telegraphic notice to the address given in such statement. In addition, if such proceeding is commenced within 90 days after the registration statement has become effective, notice of the proceeding shall be given to the agent for service named on the facing sheet of the registration statement and to each other person designated on the facing sheet of the registration statement as a person to whom copies of communications to such agent are to be sent.

(b) Content of order. The order instituting proceedings shall:

(1) State the nature of any hearing;

(2) State the legal authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing is to be held;

(3) Contain a short and plain statement of the matters of fact and law to be considered and determined, unless the order directs an answer pursuant to § 201.220 in which case the order shall set forth the factual and legal basis alleged therefor in such detail as will permit a specific response thereto; and

(4) State the nature of any relief or action sought or taken.

(c) Time and place of hearing. The time and place for any hearing shall be fixed with due regard for the public interest and the convenience and necessity of the parties, other participants, or their representatives.

(d) Amendment to order instituting proceedings—(1) By the Commission. Upon motion by a party, the Commission may, at any time, amend an order instituting proceedings to include new matters of fact or law.

(2) By the hearing officer. Upon motion by a party, the hearing officer may, at any time prior to the filing of an initial decision or, if no initial decision is to be filed, prior to the time fixed for the filing of final briefs with the Commission, amend an order instituting proceedings to include new matters of fact or law that are within the scope of the original order instituting proceedings.

(e) Publication of notice of public hearings. Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, notice of any public hearing shall be given general circulation by release to the public, by publication in the SEC News Digest and, where directed, by publication in the Federal Register.