17 CFR § 285.2 - Periodic reports.

§ 285.2 Periodic reports.

(a) Within 45 days after the end of each of its fiscal quarters, the Bank shall file with the Commission the following information:

(1) Information as to any purchases or sales by the Bank of its primary obligations during such quarter.

(2) Copies of the Bank's regular quarterly financial statements.

(3) Copies of any material modifications or amendments during such quarter of any exhibits (other than (i) constituent documents defining the rights of holders of securities of other issuers guaranteed by the Bank and (ii) loan and guaranty agreements to which the Bank is a party) previously filed with the Commission under any statute.

(b) Copies of each annual report of the Bank to its Board of Governors shall be filed with the Commission within 10 days after the submission of such report to the Board of Governors.

[20 FR 588, Jan. 27, 1955]