Secs. 19, 23, 48 Stat. 85, as amended, 901, as amended, sec. 15, 63 Stat. 298; 15 U.S.C. 77s, 78w 22 U.S.C. 286k–1.

This schedule specifies the information and documents to be furnished in a report pursuant to § 285.3 (Rule 3) with respect to a proposed distribution of primary obligations of the Bank. Information not available at the time of filing the report shall be filed as promptly thereafter as possible.

Item 1. Description of obligations. As to each issue of primary obligations of the Bank which is to be distributed, furnish the following information:

(a) The title and date of the issue.

(b) The interest rate and interest payment dates.

(c) The maturity date or if serial, the plan of serial maturities. If the maturity of the obligation may be accelerated, state the circumstances under which it may be so accelerated.

(d) A brief outline of (1) any redemption provisions and (2) any amortization, sinking fund or retirement provisions, stating the annual amount, if any, which the Bank will be under obligation to apply for the satisfaction of such provisions.

(e) If secured by any lien, the kind and priority thereof, and the nature of the property subject to the lien; if any other indebtedness is secured by an equal or prior lien on the same property, state the nature of such other liens.

(f) If any obligations issued or to be issued by the Bank will, as to the payment of interest or principal, rank prior to the obligations to be distributed, describe the nature and extent of such priority.

(g) Outline briefly any provisions of the governing instruments under which the terms of the obligations to be distributed may be amended or modified by the holders thereof or otherwise.

(h) Outline briefly any other material provisions of the governing instruments pertaining to the rights of the holders of the obligations to be distributed or pertaining to the duties of the Bank with respect thereto.

(i) The name and address of the fiscal or paying agent of the Bank, if any.

Item 2. Distribution of obligations. (a) Outline briefly the plan of distribution of the obligations and state the amount of the participation of each principal underwriter, if any.

(b) Describe any arrangements known to the Bank or to any principal underwriter named above designed to stabilize the market for the obligations for the account of the Bank or the principal underwriters as a group and indicate whether any transactions have already been effected to accomplish that purpose.

(c) Describe any arrangements for withholding commissions, or otherwise, to hold each underwriter or dealer responsible for the distribution of his participation.

Item 3. Distribution spread. The following information shall be given, in substantially the tabular form indicated, as to all obligations which are to be offered for cash (estimate, if necessary):

Price to the public Selling discounts and commissions Proceeds to the Bank

Item 4. Discounts and commissions to subunderwriters and dealers. State briefly the discounts and commissions to be allowed or paid to dealers. If any dealers are to act in the capacity of sub-underwriters and are to be allowed or paid any additional discounts or commissions for acting in such capacity, a general statement to that effect will suffice, without giving the additional amounts so paid or to be so paid.

Item 5. Other expenses of distribution. Furnish a reasonably itemized statement of all expenses of the Bank in connection with the issuance and distribution of the obligations, except underwriters' or dealers' discounts and commissions.

Instructions: Insofar as practicable, the itemization shall include transfer agents' fees, cost of printing and engraving, and legal and accounting fees. The information may be given as subject to future contingencies. If the amounts of any items are not known, estimates, designated as such, shall be given.

Item 6. Application of proceeds. Make a reasonably itemized statement of the purposes, so far as determinable, for which the net proceeds to the Bank from the obligations are to be used, and state the approximate amount to be used for each such purpose.

Item 7. Exhibits to be furnished. The following documents shall be attached to or otherwise furnished as a part of the report:

(a) Copies of the constituent instruments defining the rights evidenced by the obligations.

(b) Copies of an opinion of counsel, in the English language, as to the legality of the obligations.

(c) Copies of all material contracts pertaining to the issuance or distribution of the obligations to which the Bank or any principal underwriter of the obligations is or is to be a party, except selling group agreements.

(d) Copies of any prospectus or other sales literature to be provided by the Bank or any of the principal underwriters for general use in connection with the initial distribution of the obligations to the public.

[Reg. BW, 15 FR 281, Jan. 17, 1950, as amended at 20 FR 588, Jan. 27, 1955]