17 CFR § 285.4 - Preparation and filing of reports.

§ 285.4 Preparation and filing of reports.

(a) Every report required by this part shall be filed under cover of a letter of transmittal which shall state the nature of the report and indicate the particular rule and subdivision thereof pursuant to which the report is filed. At least the original of every such letter shall be signed on behalf of the Bank by a duly authorized officer thereof.

(b) Two copies of every report, including the letter of transmittal, exhibits and other papers and documents comprising a part of the report, shall be filed with the Commission.

(c) The report shall be in the English language. If any exhibit or other paper or document filed with the report is in a foreign language, it shall be accompanied by a translation into the English language.

(d) Reports pursuant to § 285.3 (Rule 3) may be filed in the form of a prospectus to the extent that such prospectus contains the information specified in Schedule A.

[Reg. BW, 15 FR 281, Jan. 17, 1950]