17 CFR § 38.8 - Listing of swaps on a designated contract market.

§ 38.8 Listing of swaps on a designated contract market.

(a) A designated contract market that lists for the first time a swap contract for trading on its contract market must, either prior to or at the time of such listing, file with the Commission a written demonstration detailing how the designated contract market is addressing its self-regulatory obligations and is fulfilling its statutory and regulatory obligations with respect to swap transactions.


(1) Prior to listing swaps for trading on or through a designated contract market, each designated contract market must obtain from the Commission a unique, alphanumeric code assigned to the designated contract market by the Commission for the purpose of identifying the designated contract market with respect to unique swap identifier creation. (2) Each designated contract market must generate and assign a unique swap identifier at, or as soon as technologically practicable following, the time of execution of the swap, in a manner consistent with the requirements of part 45.

[77 FR 36699, June 19, 2012]