17 CFR § 4.20 - Prohibited activities.

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§ 4.20 Prohibited activities.


(1) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, a commodity pool operator must operate its pool as an entity cognizable as a legal entity separate from that of the pool operator.

(2) The Commission may exempt a corporation from the requirements of paragraph (a)(1) of this section if;

(i) The corporation represents in writing to the Commission that each participant in its pool will be issued stock or other evidences of ownership in the corporation for all funds, securities or other property that the participant contributes for the purchase of an ownership interest in the pool;

(ii) The corporation demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Commission that it has established procedures adequate to assure compliance with paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section; and

(iii) The Commission finds that the exemption is not contrary to the public interest and to the purposes of the provision from which the exemption is sought.

(b) All funds, securities or other property received by a commodity pool operator from an existing or prospective pool participant for the purchase of an interest or as an assessment (whether voluntary or involuntary) on an interest in a pool that it operates or that it intends to operate must be received in the pool's name.

(c) No commodity pool operator may commingle the property of any pool that it operates or that it intends to operate with the property of any other person.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3038-0005)
[46 FR 26013, May 8, 1981, as amended at 46 FR 34311, July 1, 1981; 46 FR 63035, Dec. 30, 1981]

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