17 CFR § 48.11 - Delegation of authority.

§ 48.11 Delegation of authority.

(a) The Commission hereby delegates, until it orders otherwise, to the Director of the Division of Market Oversight, or such other employee or employees as the Director may designate from time to time, the authority:

(1) In § 48.7, to request additional information and documentation in connection with an application for registration;

(2) In § 48.9(a)(1), to notify a registered foreign board of trade that it or the clearing organization has failed to satisfy any registration requirements or conditions for registration;

(3) In § 48.9(c), to request that a registered foreign board of trade file with the Commission a written demonstration, containing such supporting data, information, and documents, in such form and manner and within such timeframe as the Commission may specify, that the foreign board of trade or clearing organization is in compliance with the registration requirements and/or conditions for registration; and

(4) In § 48.10, to notify a foreign board of trade whether additional time is needed for staff to complete its review of policy or other issues pertinent to the additional contracts, or that the contract can be made available for trading by direct access.

(b) The Director of the Division of Market Oversight may submit to the Commission for its consideration any matter which has been delegated in this section.

(c) Nothing in this section prohibits the Commission, at its election, from exercising the authority delegated in this section.

[82 FR 28769, June 26, 2017]