17 CFR § 9.1 - Scope of rules.

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§ 9.1 Scope of rules.

(a) Matters included. This part governs the review by the Commission, pursuant to section 8c of the Act, as amended, of any suspension, expulsion, disciplinary or access denial action, or other adverse action by an exchange.

(b) Matters excluded. This part does not apply to and the Commission will not accept notices of appeal, or petitions for stay pending review, of:

(1) Any arbitration proceeding, regardless of whether the proceeding involved a controversy between members of an exchange;

(2) Except as provided in §§ 9.11(a), (b)(3)(i) through (v), and (c), and 9.12(a) and 9.13 (concerning the notice, effective date and publication of a disciplinary or access denial action), any summary action permitted under the provisions of part 37, appendix B, Core Principle 2, paragraph (a)(13) of this chapter or part 38, appendix B, Core Principle 13, paragraph (a)(6) of this chapter imposing a minor penalty for the violation of exchange rules relating to decorum or attire, or relating to the timely submission of accurate records required for clearing or verifying each day's transactions or other similar activities; and

(3) Any exchange action arising from a claim, grievance, or dispute involving cash market transactions which are not a part of, or directly connected with, any transaction for the purchase, sale, delivery or exercise of a commodity for future delivery, a commodity option, or a swap.

(4) The Commission will, upon its own motion or upon motion filed pursuant to § 9.21(b), promptly notify the appellant and the exchange that it will not accept the notice of appeal or petition for stay of matters specified in this paragraph. The determination to decline to accept a notice of appeal will be without prejudice to the appellant's right to seek alternate forms of relief that may be available in any other forum.

(c) Applicability of these part 9 rules. Unless otherwise ordered, these rules will apply in their entirety to all appeals, and matters relating thereto.

[52 FR 25366, July 7, 1987, as amended at 59 FR 5701, Feb. 8, 1994; 83 FR 1546, Jan. 12, 2018]