17 CFR § 9.24 - Petition for stay pending review.

§ 9.24 Petition for stay pending review.

(a) Time to file.

(1) Within ten days after the notice of the disciplinary or access denial action has been delivered in accordance with § 9.11 to a person disciplined or denied access, that person may petition the Commission to stay the disciplinary or access denial action pending consideration by the Commission of the notice of appeal and, if granted, the appeal underlying the notice of appeal. The petition for stay must be accompanied by the notice of appeal.

(2) Within ten days after a notice of summary action has been delivered in accordance with § 9.12(b) to a person who is the subject of a summary action permitted by part 37, appendix B, Core Principle 2, paragraph (a)(14) of this chapter or part 38, appendix B, Core Principle 13, paragraph (a)(7) of this chapter (emergency disciplinary actions), that person may petition the Commission to stay the effectiveness of the summary action pending completion of the exchange proceeding.

(3) The Commission may deny any petition for stay which is not timely filed or which is not otherwise in accord with these rules.

(b) Contents of petition for stay. A petition filed under this section must state the reasons that the stay is requested and the facts relied upon, as specified in § 9.20. Averments of the petition must be supported by affidavits, other sworn statements or copies thereof, or a stipulation as to those facts which are not in dispute. Based upon the petition, the Commission, in its discretion, may order a stay of the disciplinary action or access denial action.

(c) Response to petition. The exchange may serve and file a written response to any petition for a stay within five days after service of the petition.

(d) Standards for granting petition for stay. The Commission will promptly determine whether to grant or deny a petition for stay and may act upon a petition at any time, without waiting for a response thereto. In determining whether to grant or deny the petition for stay, the Commission will consider, among other things, whether the petitioner has established:

(1) Petitioner's likelihood of success on the merits; and

(2) That denial of the stay would cause irreparable harm to the petitioner; and

(3) That granting the stay would not endanger orderly trading or otherwise cause substantial harm to the exchange or market participants; and

(4) That granting the stay would not be contrary to the Act, and the rules, regulations and orders of the Commission thereunder or otherwise contrary to the public interest.

(e) Ex parte stays. The Commission may act upon a petition for stay, without waiting for the exchange's response thereto only where petitioner:

(1) Expressly requests an ex parte stay;

(2) Files a proof of service; and

(3) Clearly establishes by affidavit that immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage will result to the petitioner before the exchange can be heard in opposition.

Any order granting a stay prior to the filing of the exchange's reply will expire by its terms within such time after service of the Commission's ruling on the petition, not to exceed ten days, as the Commission fixes, unless within the time so fixed the order, for good cause shown, is extended for a like period or unless the exchange consents that it may be extended for a longer period. In any case, the exchange may move for dissolution or modification of the stay, and the Commission will proceed to determine such motion as expeditiously as the ends of justice require.
[52 FR 25366, July 7, 1987, as amended at 52 FR 27286, July 20, 1987; 83 FR 1548, Jan. 12, 2018]

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