17 CFR § 9.5 - Motions.

§ 9.5 Motions.

(a) In general. An application for a form of relief not otherwise specifically provided for in this part must be made by a written motion, filed with the Proceedings Clerk. The motion must state the relief sought and the basis for the relief and may set forth the authority relied upon.

(b) Answer to motions. Any party may serve and file a written response to a motion within ten days after service of the motion, or within such longer or shorter period as established by these rules, or as the Commission may direct.

(c) Motions for procedural orders. Motions for procedural orders, including motions for extensions of time, may be acted on at any time, without awaiting a response thereto. Any party adversely affected by such action may request reconsideration, vacation or modification of the action.

(d) Dilatory motions. Frivolous or repetitive motions dealing with the same subject matter will not be permitted and such motions will summarily be denied.

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