17 CFR § 9.8 - Practice before the Commission.

§ 9.8 Practice before the Commission.

(a) Practice -

(1) By non-attorneys. An individual may appear pro se (on his or her own behalf); a general partner may represent the partnership; a bona fide officer of a corporation, trust or association may represent the corporation, trust or association.

(2) By attorneys. An attorney-at-law who is admitted to practice before the highest Court in any State or territory, or of the District of Columbia, who has not been suspended or disbarred from appearance and practice before the Commission in accordance with provisions of part 14 of this chapter may represent parties as an attorney in proceedings before the Commission.

(b) Debarment of counsel or representative during the course of a proceeding. Whenever, while a proceeding is pending before the Commission, the Commission finds that a person acting as counsel or representative for any party to the proceeding is guilty of contemptuous conduct, the Commission may order that such person be precluded from further acting as counsel or representative in the proceeding. The proceeding will not be delayed or suspended pending disposition of the appeal; Provided, That the Commission may suspend the proceedings for a reasonable time for the purpose of enabling the party to obtain other counsel or representative.

(c) Withdrawal of representation. Withdrawal from representation of a party will be only by leave of the Commission. Such leave to withdraw may be conditioned on the attorney's (or representative's) submission of an affidavit averring that the party represented has actual knowledge of the withdrawal, and such affidavit must include the name and address of a successor counsel (or representative) or a statement that the represented party has determined to proceed pro se, in which case, the statement must include the address where that party can thereafter be served.

[52 FR 25366, July 7, 1987, as amended at 83 FR 1547, Jan. 12, 2018]

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