18 CFR § 1304.403 - Marina sewage pump-out stations and holding tanks.

§ 1304.403 Marina sewage pump-out stations and holding tanks.

All pump-out facilities constructed after September 8, 2003 shall meet the following minimum design and operating requirements:

(a) Spill-proof connection with shipboard holding tanks;

(b) Suction controls or vacuum breaker capable of limiting suction to such levels as will avoid collapse of rigid holding tanks;

(c) Available fresh water facilities for tank flushing;

(d) Check valve and positive cut-off or other device to preclude spillage when breaking connection with vessel being severed;

(e) Adequate interim storage where storage is necessary before transfer to approved treatment facilities;

(f) No overflow outlet capable of discharging effluent into the reservoir;

(g) Alarm system adequate to notify the operator when the holding tank is full;

(h) Convenient access to holding tanks and piping system for purposes of inspection;

(i) Spill-proof features adequate for transfer of sewage from all movable floating pump-out facilities to shore-based treatment plants or intermediate transfer facilities;

(j) A reliable disposal method consisting of:

(1) An approved upland septic system that meets TVA, State, and local requirements; or

(2) Proof of a contract with a sewage disposal contractor; and

(k) A written statement to TVA certifying that the system shall be operated and maintained in such a way as to prevent any discharge or seepage of wastewater or sewage into the reservoir.