18 CFR § 1304.404 - Commercial marina harbor limits.

§ 1304.404 Commercial marina harbor limits.

The landward limits of commercial marina harbor areas are determined by the extent of land rights held by the dock operator. The lakeward limits of harbors at commercial marinas will be designated by TVA on the basis of the size and extent of facilities at the dock, navigation and flood control requirements, optimum use of lands and land rights owned by the United States, carrying capacity of the reservoir area in the vicinity of the marina, and on the basis of the environmental effects associated with the use of the harbor. Mooring buoys, slips, breakwaters, and permanent anchoring are prohibited beyond the lakeward extent of harbor limits. TVA may, at its discretion, reconfigure harbor limits based on changes in circumstances, including but not limited to, changes in the ownership of the land base supporting the marina.