18 CFR § 157.15 - Requirements for applications covering acquisitions.

§ 157.15 Requirements for applications covering acquisitions.

An application for a certificate authorizing acquisition of facilities, in addition to complying with the applicable provisions of §§ 157.5 through 157.14, shall include a statement showing:

(a) The exact legal name of the vendor, lessor, or other party in interest (hereinafter referred to as “vendor”) the State or other laws under which vendor was organized, location of vendor's principal place of business, and a description of the business, operation or property of vendor covered by the application.

(b) Any certificate from the Commission, held by vendor, relating directly to the facilities which applicant seeks to acquire, citing the order, date thereof, docket designation, and title of the proceeding; reference to and designation of any companion applications by vendor for permission and approval pursuant to section 7(b) of the Natural Gas Act.

(c) The manner in which the facilities are to be acquired, the consideration to be paid, the method of arriving at the amount thereof, and anticipated expenses in addition to the consideration.

(d) The facilities to be acquired, their present use, their proposed use after acquisition, and whether they constitute all of vendor's facilities.

(e) Any franchise, license, or permit respecting the facilities involved, showing expiration date thereof, and the effect of the proposed acquisition thereon.

[17 FR 7389, Aug. 14, 1952]