18 CFR § 157.16 - Exhibits relating to acquisitions.

§ 157.16 Exhibits relating to acquisitions.

In addition to the exhibits required by § 157.14, every application involving acquisition of facilities must be accompanied by the exhibits listed below. Together with each exhibit applicant must provide a full and complete explanation of the data submitted, the manner in which it was obtained, and the reasons for the conclusions derived from the exhibits, unless the applicant includes a statement identifying the schedule and rate containing the required information and data filed as prescribed in § 385.2011 of this chapter. If the Commission determines that a formal hearing upon the application is required or that testimony and hearing exhibits should be filed, the Secretary will promptly notify the applicant that submittal of all the exhibits and testimony of all witnesses to be sponsored by the applicant in support of his case-in-chief is required. Submittal of these exhibits and testimony must be within 20 days from the date of the Secretary's notice, or any other time specified by the Secretary in the notice. Sections 157.6(a) and 385.2011 of this chapter will govern the submissions required to be furnished to the Commission. Interveners and persons becoming interveners after the date of the Secretary's notice must be advised by the applicant of the afore-specified exhibits and testimony, and must be furnished with copies upon request. If this section requires an applicant to reveal Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII), as defined by § 388.113(c) of this chapter, to any person, the applicant shall follow the procedures set out in § 157.10(d).

(a) Exhibit Q - Effect of acquisition on existing contracts and tariffs. A statement showing the effect of the proposed transaction upon any agreements for the purchase, sale, or interchange of natural gas, and upon any rate schedules or tariffs on file with this Commission, together with pro forma rate schedule sheets, notices of cancellation, or other tariff filings required to be made with this Commission.

(b) Exhibit R - Acquisition contracts. A summary statement of all contracts, agreements or undertakings relating to the proposed acquisition, including:

(1) A conformed copy of each contract or other agreement covering or relating to the acquisition of the facilities.

(2) The names and addresses of all persons employed or to be employed concerning the transaction, including engineering, financial accounting, legal, or other services, and the compensation, fees, or other payments, paid or payable, to such persons.

(3) A disclosure of affiliation between applicant and vendor or between either of them and any other party in interest in the proposed acquisition. See Exhibit D, § 157.14(a)(4).

(c) Exhibit S - Accounting. A statement showing:

(1) The amounts recorded upon the books of the vendor, as being applicable to the facilities to be acquired, and the related depreciation, depletion, and amortization reserves. Include a brief statement explaining the basis or methods used to derive the related depreciation, depletion and amortization reserves.

(2) The original cost of the facilities to be acquired, segregated by accounts prescribed in the Commission's Uniform System of Accounts for Natural Gas Companies; the method by which the original cost was determined; and whether such statement of original cost has been approved by any regulatory body.

(3) If the original cost has not been determined, an estimate thereof, based upon records or data of vendor or its predecessors, together with an explanation of the manner in which such estimate was made and the name and address of the present custodian of all existing pertinent records and data.

(4) The depreciation, depletion, and amortization reserve requirements applicable to the original cost of the facilities to be acquired, estimated service lives, the approximate average age of the facilities to which the depreciation reserve applies, the amortization period, and the depletion rates and estimated gas reserves upon which accruals to the depletion reserve are based.

(5) The amount at which applicant proposes to record the facilities upon its books; the amount of the original cost to be recorded, the depreciation, depletion, and amortization reserves; and the acquisition adjustments, if any, together with applicant's proposed disposition of all adjustments.

(6) Duplicate facilities to be acquired and retired, property which must be extensively rehabilitated, including a clear description of such property, the additional costs to be incurred, and the accounting therefor proposed.

(7) A balance sheet of the company to be acquired as of the most recent date available, if the acquisition involved is by purchase of capital stock and liquidation of the acquired company.

(8) A pro forma consolidating balance sheet, as of the date of the merger if the acquisition is by merger, showing the merging of the accounts and the adjustments relating thereto.

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