18 CFR § 157.209 - Temporary compression facilities.

§ 157.209 Temporary compression facilities.

(a) Automatic authorization. If the cost does not exceed the cost limitations set forth in column 1 of Table I, under § 157.208(d) of this chapter, the certificate holder may install, operate and remove temporary facilities provided that the temporary compressor facilities shall not be used to increase the volume or service above that rendered by the involved existing permanent compressor unit(s).

(b) Reporting requirements. As part of the certificate holder's annual report of projects authorized under paragraph (a) of this section, the certificate holder must report the following in the manner prescribed in §§ 157.6(a) and 385.2011 of this chapter;

(1) A description of the temporary compression facility, including the size, type and number of compressor units;

(2) The location at which temporary compression was installed, operated and removed, including its location relative to existing facilities;

(3) A description of the permanent compression facility which was unavailable, and a statement explaining the reason for the temporary compression;

(4) The dates for which the temporary compression was installed, operated and removed; and

(5) If applicable, the information required in § 157.208(e)(4).

[Order 603, 64 FR 26608, May 14, 1999, as amended by Order 699, 72 FR 45325, Aug. 14, 2007]