18 CFR § 1b.19 - Submissions.

§ 1b.19 Submissions.

In the event the Investigating Officer determines to recommend to the Commission that an entity be made the subject of a proceeding governed by part 385 of this chapter, or that an entity be made a defendant in a civil action to be brought by the Commission, the Investigating Officer shall, unless extraordinary circumstances make prompt Commission review necessary in order to prevent detriment to the public interest or irreparable harm, notify the entity that the Investigating Officer intends to make such a recommendation. Such notice shall provide sufficient information and facts to enable the entity to provide a response. Within 30 days of such notice, the entity may submit to the Investigating Officer a non-public response, which may consist of a statement of fact, argument, and/or memorandum of law, with such supporting documentation as the entity chooses, showing why a proceeding governed by part 385 of this chapter should not be instituted against said entity, or why said entity should not be made a defendant in a civil action brought by the Commission. If the response is submitted by the due date, the Investigating Officer shall present it to the Commission together with the Investigating Officer's recommendation. The Commission will consider both the Investigating Officer's recommendation and the entity's timely response in deciding whether to take further action.

[Order 711, 73 FR 29433, May 21, 2008]