18 CFR § 1b.21 - Enforcement hotline.

(a) The Hotline Staff may provide information to the public and give informal staff opinions. The opinions given are not binding on the General Counsel or the Commission.

(b) Except as provided for in paragraph (g) of this section, any person may seek information or the informal resolution of a dispute by calling or writing to the Hotline at the telephone number and address in paragraph (f) of this section. The Hotline Staff will informally seek information from the caller and any respondent, as appropriate. The Hotline Staff will attempt to resolve disputes without litigation or other formal proceedings. The Hotline Staff may not resolve matters that are before the Commission in docketed proceedings.

(c) All information and documents obtained through the Hotline Staff shall be treated as non-public by the Commission and its staff, consistent with the provisions of section 1b.9 of this part.

(d) Calls to the Hotline may be made anonymously.

(e) Any person who contacts the Hotline is not precluded from filing a formal action with the Commission if discussions assisted by Hotline Staff are unsuccessful at resolving the matter. A caller may terminate use of the Hotline procedure at any time.

(f) The Hotline may be reached by calling (202) 502-8390 or 1-888-889-8030 (toll free), by e-mail at hotline@ferc.gov, or writing to: Enforcement Hotline, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC 20426.

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