18 CFR § 367.1450 - Account 145, Notes receivable from associate companies.

§ 367.1450 Account 145, Notes receivable from associate companies.

(a) This account must include notes and drafts upon which associate companies are liable, and that mature and are expected to be paid in full not later than one year from the date of issue, together with any related interest, and debit balances subject to current settlement in open accounts with associate companies. Items that do not bear a specified due date but that have been carried for more than twelve months and items that are not paid within twelve months from due date must be transferred to account 123, Investment in associate companies (§ 367.1230).

(b) On the balance sheet, accounts receivable from an associate company may be set off against accounts payable to the same company.

(c) The face amount of notes receivable discounted, sold or transferred without releasing the service company from liability as endorser thereon, must be credited to a separate subaccount of this account and appropriate disclosure must be made in financial statements of any contingent liability arising from such transactions.

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