18 CFR § 380.3 - Environmental information to be supplied by an applicant.

§ 380.3 Environmental information to be supplied by an applicant.

(a) An applicant must submit information as follows:

(1) For any proposed action identified in §§ 380.5 and 380.6, an environmental report with the proposal as prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section.

(2) For any proposal not identified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, any environmental information that the Commission may determine is necessary for compliance with these regulations, the regulations of the Council, NEPA and other Federal laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act or the Coastal Zone Management Act.

(b) An applicant must also:

(1) Provide all necessary or relevant information to the Commission;

(2) Conduct any studies that the Commission staff considers necessary or relevant to determine the impact of the proposal on the human environment and natural resources;

(3) Consult with appropriate Federal, regional, State, and local agencies during the planning stages of the proposed action to ensure that all potential environmental impacts are identified. (The specific requirements for consultation on hydropower projects are contained in § 4.38 and § 16.8 of this chapter and in section 4(a) of the Electric Consumers Protection Act, Pub. L. No. 99-495, 100 Stat. 1243, 1246 (1986));

(4) Submit applications for all Federal and State approvals as early as possible in the planning process; and

(5) Notify the Commission staff of all other Federal actions required for completion of the proposed action so that the staff may coordinate with other interested Federal agencies.

(c) Content of an applicant's environmental report for specific proposals—(1) Hydropower projects. The information required for specific project applications under part 4 or 16 of this chapter.

(2) Natural gas projects.

(i) For any application filed under the Natural Gas Act for any proposed action identified in §§ 380.5 or 380.6, except for prior notice filings under § 157.208, as described in § 380.5(b), the information identified in § 380.12 and Appendix A of this part.

(ii) For prior notice filings under § 157.208, the report described by § 157.208(c)(11) of this chapter.

(3) Electric transmission project. For pre-filing requests and applications filed under section 216 of the Federal Power Act identified in §§ 380.5(b)(14) and 380.6(a)(5).

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