18 CFR § 385.2002 - Caption of filings (Rule 2002).

§ 385.2002 Caption of filings (Rule 2002).

A filing must begin with a caption that sets forth:

(a) The docket designation, if any;

(b) The words “INTERLOCUTORY APPEAL” underneath the docket designation if the filing is an appeal under Rule 715(c) of a presiding officer's denial of a motion for an interlocutory appeal;

(c) The title of the proceeding if a proceeding has been initiated;

(d) A heading which describes the filing; and

(e) The name of the participant for whom the filing is made, or a shortened designation for the participant.

[Order 225, 47 FR 19022, May 3, 1982, as amended by Order 402, 49 FR 39539, Oct. 9, 1984]