18 CFR § 7.7 - Amendment of application.

§ 7.7 Amendment of application.

(a) Any proposed amendments to the pending license application after issuance of the notice of acceptance and ready for environmental analysis under this section must include:

(1) An amended or new section 401 of the Clean Water Act water quality certification if the amendment would have a material adverse impact on the water quality in the discharge from the proposed project; and

(2) Updates to all other material submitted under § 7.2(b).

(b) If based on the information provided under paragraph (a) of this section, the proposed project under the amended license application no longer meets the requirements for expedited processing under § 7.2 of this part or if the proposed amendment significantly amends the license application, the Director will notify the applicant that the application will no longer be processed under the expedited licensing process under this part and that further processing of the application will proceed under parts 4 and 5 of this chapter, as applicable.

(c) If the Director approves the continued processing of the amended application under this part and the amendment to the application would materially change the project's proposed plans of development, as provided in § 4.35 of this chapter, an agency, Indian Tribe, or member of the public may modify the recommendations or terms and conditions or prescriptions it previously submitted to the Commission pursuant to § 7.6. Such modified recommendations, terms and conditions, or prescriptions must be filed no later than the due date specified by the Commission for comments on the amendment.

(d) Date of acceptance. The date of acceptance of an amendment of application for an original license filed under this part is governed by the provisions of § 4.35 of this chapter.