18 CFR 701.203 - Schedule of fees.

§ 701.203 Schedule of fees.

(a) The Public Information Officer will to the extent practicable, encourage the widest possible distribution of information by permitting requests for inspection or copies of records or materials to be met without cost to the person making the request.

(b) Fees will be charged in the case of requests which are determined by the Public Information Officer to involve a burden on staff or facilities significantly in excess of that normally accepted by the Council in handling routine requests for information.

(c) In all instances where the Public Information Officer determines that a request for information can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public (despite a § 701.203 determination of burden), such request shall be met either without cost wherever practicable or at a reduced cost to the requester. Any such reduction shall be determined by the Public Information Officer on the basis of the balance between the benefit to the general public and the cost to the Water Resources Council.

(d) Fees shall be limited to recovery of only direct costs of search and duplication but in no event shall the fee for search and duplication exceed $2.50 per half hour, nor shall the fee for copying exceed $0.25 per page (maximum per page dimension of 8 × 14 inches).

(e) Unless a request for information specifically states that whatever cost is involved will be acceptable, or acceptable up to a specified limit that covers anticipated costs, a request that is expected to involve an assessed fee in excess of $50.00 will not be deemed to have been received until the requester is advised promptly upon physical receipt of the request of the anticipated cost and agrees to bear it.

(f) When anticipated fees exceed $50.00, a deposit for 25% of the amount must be made within 10 days of the notice to the requester of the initial determination.

(g) The Council reserves the right to limit the number of copies of any document that will be provided to any one person.