18 CFR § 701.304 - Procedures for identification of individuals making requests.

§ 701.304 Procedures for identification of individuals making requests.

(a) Each individual requesting the disclosure of a record or copy of a record will furnish the following information with his or her request:

(1) The name of the record system containing the record;

(2) Proof as described in paragraph (b) of this section that he or she is the individual to whom the requested record relates; and

(3) Any other information required by the notice describing the record system.

(b) Proof of identity as required by paragraph (a)(2) of this section will be provided as described in paragraph (b)(1) and (2) of this section. Requests made by an agent, parent, or guardian will include the authorization described in § 701.310(a) and (b).

(1) Requests made in writing will include a statement, signed by the individual and properly notarized, that he or she appeared before a notary public and submitted proof of identification in the form of a drivers license, birth certificate, passport or other identification acceptable to the notary public. In any case in which, because of the extreme sensitivity of the record sought to be seen or copied, the agency determines that the identification is not adequate, it may request the individual to submit additional proof of identification.

(2) If the request is made in person, the requester will submit proof of identification similar to that described in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, acceptable to the Council.

[41 FR 8343, Feb. 26, 1976]

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