18 CFR § 708.2 - Scope.

§ 708.2 Scope.

(a) This part describes minimum guidelines for public participation in the development, revision, and implementation of the Master Plan specified in the Act.

(b) This part applies to the following organizations with references to the activities described in § 708.2(a):

(1) The Commission, including its staff and persons, organizations, and agencies under contract to it for work within the scope of the Master Plan.

(2) Such Federal departments and agencies as are directed under section 101(3) of the Act to conduct studies pursuant to the Master Plan, for any work carried out for purposes of developing, revising, and implementing the Master Plan.

(3) Such departments and agencies of any state or local government as are authorized and/or directed to carry out studies and analyses under direction or advice of the Commission as stipulated in section 101 of the Act.

(c) The guidelines referred to in this part shall be considered general requirements applicable to all studies, procedures, programs, regulations, or other administrative devices carried out under § 708.2(b), but only for those Master Plan Activities under authority of the Act.

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