19 CFR § 111.96 - Fees.

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§ 111.96 Fees.

(a) License fee; examination fee; fingerprint fee. Each applicant for a broker's license pursuant to § 111.12 must pay a fee of $300 for an individual license application and $500 for a partnership, association, or corporation license application to defray the costs to CBP in processing the application. Each individual who intends to take the examination provided for in § 111.13 must pay a $390 examination fee before taking the examination. An individual who submits an application for a license must also pay a fingerprint processing fee; the processing Center will inform the applicant of the current Federal Bureau of Investigation fee for conducting fingerprint checks, which must be paid to CBP before further processing of the application will occur.

(b) Permit application fee. An application fee of $100 must be paid in connection with a national permit issued under § 111.19 to defray the processing costs, including costs associated with an application for reinstatement of a permit that was revoked by operation of law or otherwise.

(c) Permit user fee. Payment of an annual permit user fee defined in § 24.22(h) of this chapter is required for a national permit granted to an individual, partnership, association, or corporate broker. The permit user fee is payable with the filing of an application for a national permit under § 111.19(b), and for each subsequent calendar year at the processing Center referred to in § 111.19(b). The permit user fee must be paid by the due date as published annually in the Federal Register, and must be remitted in accordance with the procedures set forth in § 24.22(i) of this chapter. When a broker submits an application for a national permit under § 111.19(b), the full permit user fee must be remitted with the application, regardless of the point during the calendar year at which the application is submitted. If a broker fails to pay the annual permit user fee by the published due date, the permit is revoked by operation of law. The processing Center will notify the broker in writing of the failure to pay and the revocation of the permit.

(d) Triennial status report fee. A fee of $100 is required to defray the costs of administering the triennial status reporting requirement prescribed in § 111.30(d)(1).

(e) Method of payment. All fees prescribed under this section must be paid by check or money order payable to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or paid by other CBP-approved payment method.

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