19 CFR § 122.41 - Aircraft required to enter.

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§ 122.41 Aircraft required to enter.

All aircraft coming into the United States from a foreign area must make entry under this subpart except:

(a) Public and private aircraft;

(b) Aircraft chartered by, and transporting only cargo that is the property of, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), where the DoD-chartered aircraft is manned entirely by the civilian crew of the air carrier under contract to DoD; and

(c) Aircraft traveling from airport to airport in the U.S. under subpart I, relating to residue cargo procedures.

[T.D. 88-12, 53 FR 9292, Mar. 22, 1988, as amended by CBP Dec. 03-32, 68 FR 68170, Dec. 5, 2003]