19 CFR § 122.79 - Shipments to U.S. possessions.

§ 122.79 Shipments to U.S. possessions.

(a) Other than Puerto Rico. An air cargo manifest must be filed for aircraft transporting cargo between the United States and U.S. possessions. Electronic Export Information (EEI) is not required for shipments from the United States or Puerto Rico to the U.S. possessions, except to the U.S. Virgin Islands or from a U.S. possession and destined to the United States, Puerto Rico, or another U.S. possession.

(b) Puerto Rico. When an aircraft carries merchandise on a direct flight from the United States to Puerto Rico, any required air cargo manifest or EEI filing citations, exclusions, and/or exemption legends, must be filed with the appropriate port director Puerto Rico.

[CBP Dec. 17-06, 82 FR 32239, July 13, 2017]