19 CFR § 141.52 - Separate entries for different portions.

§ 141.52 Separate entries for different portions.

If the Center director is satisfied that there will be no prejudice to: Import admissibility enforcement efforts; the revenue; and the efficient conduct of Customs business, separate entries may be made for different portions of all merchandise arriving on one vessel or vehicle and consigned to one consignee under any of the following circumstances:

(a) Each portion of a consolidated shipment addressed to one consignee for various ultimate consignees may be entered separately under the procedure set forth in § 141.54.

(b) One or more of the enclosed packages in a packaged package may be entered separately under any appropriate form of formal or informal entry. No entry is required for an enclosed package which contains merchandise unconditionally free of duty and not exceeding $250 in value. A packed package is an outer package in which are contained inner packages addressed for delivery to two or more different persons, as described in section 484(f), Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1484(f)). Each outer container shall be marked to indicate that it is a packed package.

(c) The consignee desires to enter different portions under different forms of entry, for transportation to different ports of entry, or for warehousing in separate warehouses.

(d) Appraisement is being withheld upon merchandise of the class or kind for which a separate entry is tendered.

(e) The several portions of the consignment for which separate entries are tendered are covered by separate bills of lading.

(f) The consignment consists of different classes of merchandise which are to be processed by different Customs commodity specialist teams.

(g) The consignment contains merchandise subject to entry under a bond given to assure accounting for final disposition, such as a temporary importation under bond.

(h) The consignment consists of different importations which arrived under a consolidated entry for immediate transportation made pursuant to § 18.11(g) of this chapter.

(i) A special application is submitted to the Commissioner of Customs with the recommendation of the Center director concerned and is approved by the Commissioner.

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