19 CFR § 142.3 - Entry documentation required.

§ 142.3 Entry documentation required.

(a) Contents. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the entry documentation required to secure the release of merchandise must consist of the following:

(1) Entry. CBP Form 3461 (appropriately modified), or its electronic equivalent, except that CBP Form 7533 (appropriately modified), or its electronic equivalent, in duplicate, may be used in place of CBP Form 3461 for merchandise imported from a contiguous country. The form used must be prepared in accordance with § 141.61(a)(1) of this chapter.

(2) Evidence of the right to make entry. Evidence of the right to make entry, as set forth in § 141.11 of this chapter.

(3) Commercial invoice. A commercial invoice, except that in those instances listed in § 141.83(d) of this chapter where a commercial invoice is not required, a pro forma invoice or other acceptable documentation listed in that section may be submitted in place of a commercial invoice.

(4) Packing list. A packing list, where appropriate.

(5) Other documentation. Other documents which may be required by CBP or other Federal, State, or local agencies for a particular shipment.

(6) Identification. When merchandise is imported having been sold, or consigned, to a person in the United States, the name, street address, and appropriate identification number of that person, as provided in § 24.5 of this chapter, must be shown on the entry documents (CBP Form 3461, 3461 ALT, 7501), or their electronic equivalents. When, at the time of immediate delivery, entry or release, there is no known buyer, the name, street address, and appropriate identification number (as above) of the premises in the United States to which the merchandise is to be delivered must be shown on the entry or release documents.

(b) Entry summary filed at time of entry. When the entry summary is filed at time of entry in accordance with § 142.12(a)(1) or § 142.13:

(1) CBP Form 3461 or 7533, or their electronic equivalents, will not be required; and

(2) CBP Form 7501 or CBP Form 3311, or their electronic equivalent, (as appropriate, see § 142.11) may serve as both the entry and the entry summary documentation if the additional documentation set forth in paragraphs (a)(2), (3), (4) and (5) of this section and § 142.16(b) is filed.

(c) Extra copies. The CBP may require additional copies of the documentation.

(d) Electronic format. The entry documentation identified in this section may be submitted to CBP in either a paper or, where appropriate, an electronic format.

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