19 CFR § 144.38 - Withdrawal for consumption.

§ 144.38 Withdrawal for consumption.

(a) Form. Withdrawals for consumption of merchandise in bonded warehouses shall be filed on Customs Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, in triplicate, and shall contain all of the statistical information as provided in § 141.61(e) of this chapter.

(b) Withdrawal for exportation to Canada or Mexico. A withdrawal for exportation to Canada or Mexico or for entry into a duty-deferral program in Canada or Mexico is considered a withdrawal for consumption pursuant to § 181.53 of this chapter.

(c) Information to be shown on withdrawal. Each withdrawal shall show all information for which spaces are provided on the withdrawal form, and shall also show the separate value of each package and the total dutiable value of the merchandise being withdrawn. In the case of merchandise in packages which are uniform in kind, quantity, value, and duty, the number of each package to be withdrawn need not be shown on the withdrawal if the lowest and highest numbers in the number series of such packages are shown. In the case of merchandise subject to quota, or textiles and textile products subject to levels of restraint, the description shall reflect any correction thereof reported after the filing of the warehouse entry. Additionally, on each withdrawal of cigars, cigarettes, or cigarette papers or tubes subject to internal revenue tax, the statement for tax purposes required by § 275.81 of the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (26 CFR § 275.81) shall be made on the withdrawal form.

(d) Deposit of estimated duties. Estimated duties on the merchandise being withdrawn shall be deposited in accordance with subpart G of part 141 of this chapter. The Center director may increase or decrease the amount of estimated duties to be deposited on the final withdrawal to bring the aggregate amount of duties deposited into balance with the amount which he estimates will be finally due upon liquidation.

(e) Permit for release of merchandise. When the duties and other charges have been paid, and all other requirements of law and regulations have been met, a permit on Customs Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, shall be issued and delivered to the person making the warehouse withdrawal.

(f) Textiles and textile products. Textiles and textile products subject to quota, visa or export license requirements in their condition at the time of importation may not be withdrawn from warehouse for consumption if during the warehouse period there has been a change by manipulation or other means:

(1) In the country of origin of the merchandise as defined by § 102.21 or § 102.22 of this chapter, as applicable,

(2) To exempt from quota or visa or export license requirements other than a change brought about by statute, treaty, executive order or Presidential proclamation, or

(3) From one textile category to another textile category.

[T.D. 73-175, 38 FR 17464, July 2, 1973]
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