19 CFR § 152.104 - Transaction value of identical merchandise and similar merchandise.

§ 152.104 Transaction value of identical merchandise and similar merchandise.

(a) General. The transaction value of identical merchandise, or of similar merchandise, is the transaction value (acceptable as the appraised value under § 152.103 but adjusted under paragraph (e) of this section) of imported merchandise that is -

(1) With respect to the merchandise being appraised, either identical merchandise, or similar merchandise; and

(2) Exported to the United States at or about the time that the merchandise being appraised is exported to the United States.

(b) Identical merchandise. Minor differences in appearance will not preclude otherwise conforming merchandise from being considered “identical”. See § 152.102(d).

(c) Similar merchandise. The quality of the merchandise, its reputation, and the existence of a trademark will be factors considered to determine whether merchandise is “similar”. See § 152.102(i).

(d) Commercial level and quantity. Transaction values determined under this section will be based on sales of identical merchandise, or similar merchandise, at the same commercial level and in substantially the same quantity as the sales of the merchandise being appraised. If no such sale is found, sales of identical merchandise, or similar merchandise, at either a different commercial level or in different quantities, or both, will be used, but adjusted to take account of that difference. Any adjustment made under this section will be based on “sufficient information”. See § 152.102(j). If in applying this section to any merchandise, two or more transaction values for identical merchandise, or for similar merchandise, are determined, the merchandise will be appraised on the basis of the lower or lowest of those values.

(e) Adjustments.

(1) Adjustments for identical merchandise, or similar merchandise, because of different commercial levels or quantities, or both, whether leading to an increase or decrease in the value, will be made only on the basis of sufficient information; e.g., valid price lists containing prices referring to different levels or quantities.

(2) Interpretative note. If the imported merchandise being valued consists of a shipment of 10 units and the only identical imported merchandise for which a transaction value exists involved a sale of 500 units, and it is recognized that the seller grants quantity discounts, the required adjustment may be accomplished by resorting to the seller's price list and using that price applicable to a sale of 10 units. This does not require that a sale had to have been made in quantities of 10 as long as the price list has been established as being bona fide through sales at other quantities. In the absence of such an objective measure, however, the determination of a customs value under the provisions for transaction value of identical or similar merchandise is not appropriate.