19 CFR § 171.55 - Notice provisions.

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§ 171.55 Notice provisions.

(a) Special notice provision. At the time of seizure of property defined in § 171.51, written notice must be provided to the possessor of the property regarding applicable statutes and Federal regulations including the procedures established for the filing of a petition for expedited procedures as set forth in section 6079 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 and implementing regulations.

(b) Notice provision. The notice as required by section 1607 of Title 19, United States Code and applicable regulations shall be made at the earliest practicable opportunity after determining ownership of, or interest in, the seized property and shall include a statement of the applicable law under which the property is seized and a statement of the circumstances of the seizure sufficiently precise to enable an owner or interested party to identify the date, place and use or acquisition which makes the property subject to forfeiture.

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