19 CFR § 18.26 - Indirect exportation.

§ 18.26 Indirect exportation.

(a) Indirect exportation, vessels. Merchandise that had been intended to be exported without landing from an importing vessel in accordance with § 18.25(e) may instead be trans ported in-bond to another port for exportation and entered for transportation and exportation in accordance with the procedure in § 18.20, upon the transmission of an in-bond application to CBP pursuant to § 18.1, via a CBP-approved EDI system. Upon acceptance of the entry by CBP and acceptance of the merchandise by the bonded carrier, the bonded carrier assumes liability for the transportation and exportation of the merchandise. If the merchandise was prohibited entry by any Government agency, that fact must be noted in the in-bond application.

(b) Carnets. If merchandise to be transported in-bond to another port for exportation was im ported under cover of a TIR carnet, the carnet must be discharged or canceled at the port of importation and the merchandise transported under an electronic in-bond application (see § 18.20). If merchandise to be trans ported in-bond to another port for exportation was im ported under cover of an A.T.A. carnet, the appropriate transit voucher will be accepted in lieu of an electronic in-bond application. One transit voucher will be certified by CBP officers at the port of importation and a second transit voucher, together with the reexportation voucher, will be certified at the port of exportation.

(c) Transfer at selected port of exportation. If the merchandise is to be transferred to another conveyance after arrival at the port selected for exportation pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, the procedure prescribed in § 18.4(c) will be followed. The provisions of §§ 18.23 and 18.24 will also be followed in applicable cases.

(d) Time to export. Any portion of an in-bond shipment entered for indirect exportation following an in-bond entry must be exported within 15 calendar days from the date of arrival at the port of exportation, unless an extension has been granted by CBP pursuant to § 18.24(a). On the 16th day, the merchandise will become subject to general order requirements under § 4.37, § 122.50, or § 123.10 of this chapter, as applicable.

(e) Notice and proof of exportation. Within two business days after exportation, the in-bond record must be updated via a CBP-approved EDI system to reflect that the merchandise has been exported. The principal on any bond filed to guarantee exportation may be required by the port director to provide evidence of exportation in accordance with § 113.55 of this chapter within 30 days of exportation.