19 CFR § 19.7 - Expenses of labor and storage.

§ 19.7 Expenses of labor and storage.

(a) All merchandise deposited in public stores or in bonded warehouses shall be held liable for the expenses of labor and storage chargeable thereon at the customary rates and for all other expenses accruing upon the goods.

(b) The rates of storage and labor shall be agreed upon between the importer and the warehouse proprietor, but in case of disagreement the port director may, with the consent of all parties in interest, determine the rates to be charged.

(c) Except in cases provided for by § 141.102(d) of this chapter, when merchandise is stored in a public store under a warehouse entry, general order, or otherwise, the charges for storage due the Government shall be paid before the packages are delivered. The charges shall be based upon the existing bonded warehouse tariff of the port for storage and labor.

[28 FR 14763, Dec. 31, 1963, as amended by T.D. 73-175, 38 FR 17446, July 2, 1973]