19 CFR § 4.100 - Licensing of vessels of less than 30 net tons.

§ 4.100 Licensing of vessels of less than 30 net tons.

(a) The application for a license to import merchandise in a vessel of less than 30 net tons in accordance with section 6, Anti-Smuggling Act of August 5, 1935, shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury and delivered to the directors of the ports where foreign merchandise is to be im ported in such vessel.

(b) The application shall contain the following information:

(1) Name of the vessel, rig, motive power, and home port.

(2) Name and address of the owner.

(3) Name and address of the master.

(4) Net tonnage of the vessel.

(5) Kind of merchandise to be imported.

(6) Country or countries of exportation.

(7) Ports of the United States where the merchandise will be im ported.

(8) Whether the vessel will be used to transport and import merchandise from a hovering vessel.

(9) Kind of document under which the vessel is operating.

(c) If the port director finds that the applicant is a reputable person and that the revenue would not be jeopardized by the issuance of a license, he may issue the license for a period not to exceed 12 months, incorporating therein any special conditions he believes to be necessary or desirable, and deliver it to the licensee.

(d) The master or owner shall keep the license on board the vessel at all times and exhibit it upon demand of any duly authorized officer of the United States. This license is personal to the licensee and is not transferable.

(e) The Secretary of the Treasury or the port director at whose office the license was issued may revoke the license if any of its terms have been willfully or intentionally violated or for any other cause which may be considered prejudicial to the revenue or otherwise against the interest of the United States.

[T.D. 72-211, 37 FR 16486, Aug. 15, 1972]

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