19 CFR § 4.99 - Forms; substitution.

§ 4.99 Forms; substitution.

(a) Customs Forms 1300, 1302, 1302-A, 1303, and 1304 printed by private parties or foreign governments shall be accepted provided the forms so printed:

(1) Conform to the official Customs forms in wording arrangement, style, size of type, and paper specifications;

(2) Conform to the official Customs forms in size, except that:

(i) Each form may be printed on metric A4 size paper, 210 by 297 millimeters (approximately 8 1/4 by 11 2/3 inches).

(ii) The vertical format of Customs Forms 1300, 1302-A, 1303, and 1304 may be increased in size up to a maximum of 14 inches.

(iii) Customs Form 1302 may be reduced in size to not less than either 8 1/2 by 11 inches or 210 by 297 millimeters (metric A4 size). If Customs Form 1302 is reduced in size, the size of type used may be reduced proportionately.

(b) If instructions are printed on the reverse side of the official Customs form, the instructions may be omitted from the privately printed forms, but the instructions shall be followed.

(c) The port director, in his discretion, may accept a computer printout instead of Customs Form 1302 for use at a specific port. However, to ensure that computer printouts may be used at all ports, the private party or foreign government first must obtain specific approval from Headquarters, U.S. Customs Service.

(d) Forms which do not comply with the requirements of this section are not acceptable without the specific approval of the Commissioner of Customs.

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