2 CFR § 1400.20 - When does this part apply to me?

§ 1400.20 When does this part apply to me?

This part and, through this part, pertinent portions of the OMB guidance in subparts A through I of 2 CFR part 180 (see table at 2 CFR 180.100(b)) apply to you if you are -

(a) Participant or principal in a “covered transaction” (see subpart B of 2 CFR part 180 and the definition of “nonprocurement transaction” at 2 CFR 180.970, as supplemented by subpart B and § 1400.970);

(b) Respondent in a Department of the Interior suspension or debarment action;

(c) Department of the Interior debarment or suspension official, i.e., the Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management; or

(d) Department of the Interior grants officer, agreements officer, or other official authorized to enter into any type of nonprocurement transaction that is a covered transaction.