2 CFR § 200.204 - Notices of funding opportunities.

§ 200.204 Notices of funding opportunities.

For discretionary grants and cooperative agreements that are competed, the Federal awarding agency must announce specific funding opportunities by providing the following information in a public notice:

(a) Summary information in notices of funding opportunities. The Federal awarding agency must display the following information posted on the OMB-designated governmentwide website for funding and applying for Federal financial assistance, in a location preceding the full text of the announcement:

(1) Federal Awarding Agency Name;

(2) Funding Opportunity Title;

(3) Announcement Type (whether the funding opportunity is the initial announcement of this funding opportunity or a modification of a previously announced opportunity);

(4) Funding Opportunity Number (required, if applicable). If the Federal awarding agency has assigned or will assign a number to the funding opportunity announcement, this number must be provided;

(5) Assistance Listings Number(s);

(6) Key Dates. Key dates include due dates for applications or Executive Order 12372 submissions, as well as for any letters of intent or pre-applications. For any announcement issued before a program's application materials are available, key dates also include the date on which those materials will be released; and any other additional information, as deemed applicable by the relevant Federal awarding agency.

(b) Availability period. The Federal awarding agency must generally make all funding opportunities available for application for at least 60 calendar days. The Federal awarding agency may make a determination to have a less than 60 calendar day availability period but no funding opportunity should be available for less than 30 calendar days unless exigent circumstances require as determined by the Federal awarding agency head or delegate.

(c) Full text of funding opportunities. The Federal awarding agency must include the following information in the full text of each funding opportunity. For specific instructions on the content required in this section, refer to appendix I to this part.

(1) Full programmatic description of the funding opportunity.

(2) Federal award information, including sufficient information to help an applicant make an informed decision about whether to submit an application. (See also § 200.414(c)(4)).

(3) Specific eligibility information, including any factors or priorities that affect an applicant's or its application's eligibility for selection.

(4) Application Preparation and Submission Information, including the applicable submission dates and time.

(5) Application Review Information including the criteria and process to be used to evaluate applications. See also §§ 200.205 and 200.206.

(6) Federal Award Administration Information. See also § 200.211.

(7) Applicable terms and conditions for resulting awards, including any exceptions from these standard terms.