20 CFR § 416.1001 - Purpose and scope.

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§ 416.1001 Purpose and scope.

This subpart describes the standards of performance and administrative requirements and procedures for States making determinations of disability for the Commissioner under title XVI of the Act. It also establishes the Commissioner's responsibilities in carrying out the disability determination function.

(a) Sections 416.1001 through 416.1003 describe the purpose of the regulations and the meaning of terms frequently used in the regulations. They also briefly set forth the responsibilities of the Commissioner and the States covered in detail in other sections.

(b) Sections 416.1010 through 416.1018 describe the Commissioner's and the State's responsibilities in performing the disability determination function.

(c) Sections 416.1020 through 416.1033 describe the administrative responsibilities and requirements of the States. The corresponding role of the Commissioner is also set out.

(d) Sections 416.1040 through 416.1050 describe the performance accuracy and processing time standards for measuring State agency performance.

(e) Sections 416.1060 through 416.1061 describe when and what kind of assistance the Commissioner will provide State agencies to help them improve performance.

(f) Sections 416.1070 through 416.1075 describe the level of performance below which the Commissioner will consider a State agency to be substantially failing to make disability determinations consistent with the regulations and other written guidelines and the resulting action the Commissioner will take.

(g) Sections 416.1080 through 416.1083 describe the rules for resolving disputes concerning fiscal issues and providing hearings when we propose to find that a State is in substantial failure.

(h) Sections 416.1090 through 416.1094 describe when and what action the Commissioner will take and what action the State will be expected to take if the Commissioner assumes the disability determination function from a State agency.

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