20 CFR § 422.505 - What types of applications and related forms are used to apply for retirement, survivors, and disability insurance benefits?

§ 422.505 What types of applications and related forms are used to apply for retirement, survivors, and disability insurance benefits?

(a) Applications. Prescribed applications include our traditional pre-printed forms, and applications our employees complete on computer screens based on information you give us. We then print a copy on paper, have you sign it and process the signed application electronically. You may also use SSA's Internet website to submit an SSA-approved application to us. You can complete an Internet application on a computer (or other suitable device, such as an electronic kiosk) and electronically transmit the form to us using an SSA-approved electronic signature. If, however, we do not have an approved electronic signature established when you file your Internet application, you must print and sign the completed application and deliver the form to us.

(b) Related forms. The following are some related forms:

SSA–3—Marriage Certification. (For use in connection with Application for Wife's or Husband's Insurance Benefits, (Form SSA–2))
SSA–11—Request to be Selected as Payee. (For use when an individual proposing to be substituted for the current payee files an application to receive payment of benefits on behalf of disabled child, or a child under 18, or an incapable or incompetent beneficiary or for himself/herself if he/she has a payee.)
SSA–21—Supplement to Claim of Person Outside of the United States. (To be completed by or on behalf of a person who is, was, or will be outside the United States.)
SSA–25—Certificate of Election for Reduced Spouse's Benefits. (For use by a wife or husband age 62 to full retirement age who has an entitled child in his or her care and elects to receive reduced benefits for months during which he or she will not have a child in his or her care.)
SSA–721—Statement of Death by Funeral Director. (This form may be used as evidence of death (see § 404.704 of this chapter).)
SSA–760—Certificate of Support (Parent's, Husband's or Widower's). (For use in collecting evidence of support.)
SSA–766—Statement of Self-Employment Income. (For use by a claimant to establish insured status based on self-employment income in the current year.)
SSA–783—Statement Regarding Contributions. (This form may be used as evidence of total contributions for a child.)
SSA–787—Physician's/Medical Officer's Statement of Patient's Capability to Manage Benefits. (This form may be used to request evidence of capability from various medical sources.)
SSA–824—Report on Individual with Mental Impairment. (For use in obtaining medical evidence from medical sources when the claimant has been treated for a mental impairment.)
SSA–827—Authorization for Source to Release Information to the Social Security Administration. (To be completed by a disability claimant to authorize release of medical or other information.)
SSA–1002—Statement of Agricultural Employer (Years Prior to 1988). (For use by employer to provide evidence of annual wage payments for agricultural work.)
SSA–1372—Student's Statement Regarding School Attendance. (For use in connection with request for payment of child's insurance benefits for a child who is age 18 through 19 and a full-time student.
SSA–1724—Claim for Amount Due in the Case of a Deceased Beneficiary. (For use in requesting amounts payable under title II to a deceased beneficiary.)
SSA–3368—Disability Report—Adult. (For use in recording information about the claimant's condition, source of medical evidence and other information needed to process the claim to a determination or decision.)
SSA–3369—Disability Report—Work History. (For use in recording work history information.)
SSA–3826–F4—Medical Report—General. (For use in helping disability claimants in obtaining medical records from their doctors or other medical sources.)
SSA–3827—Medical Report—(Individual with Childhood Impairment). (For use in requesting information to determine if an individual's impairment meets the requirements for payment of childhood disability benefits.)
SSA–4111—Certificate of Election for Reduced Widow(er)s Benefits. (For use by applicants for certain reduced widow's or widower's benefits.)
SSA–7156—Farm Self-Employment Questionnaire. (For use in connection with claims for benefits based on farm income to determine whether the income is covered under the Social Security Act.)
SSA–7160—Employment Relationship Questionnaire. (For use by an individual and the alleged employer to determine the individual's employment status.)
SSA–7163—Questionnaire about Employment or Self-Employment Outside the United States. (To be completed by or on behalf of a beneficiary who is, was, or will be employed or self-employed outside the United States.)
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