20 CFR § 422.520 - Forms related to maintenance of earnings records.

§ 422.520 Forms related to maintenance of earnings records.

The following forms are used by the Social Security Administration and by the public in connection with the maintenance of earnings records of wage-earners and self-employed persons:

SS-4—Application for Employer Identification Number.
SS-4A—Agricultural Employer's Application. (For use by employers of agricultural workers to request an employer identification number under the FICA.)
SS-5—Application for a Social Security Number (or Replacement of Lost Card).
SS-15—Certificate Waiving Exemption From Taxes Under the FICA. (For use by certain nonprofit organizations requesting coverage of its employees.)
SS-15a—List of Concurring Employees. (To be signed by each employee who concurs in the filing of the Certificate Waiving Exemption From Taxes Under the FICA, Form SS-15.)
SSI-21—Social Security and Your Household Employee. (For use by employers of household workers to request information from the Internal Revenue Service Center regarding filing employee tax returns.)
OA-702—Social Security Number Card.
Form 2031—Waiver Certificate To Elect Social Security Coverage for Use by Ministers, Certain Members of Religious Orders, and Christian Science Practitioners.
Form 4029—Application for Exemption from Tax on Self-Employment Income and Waiver of Benefits. (To be completed by self-employed individuals who are members of certain recognized religious sects (or division thereof) and do not wish to pay FICA taxes or participate in the programs provided under titles II and XVIII.)
Form 4361—Application for Exemption From Self-Employment Tax for Use by Ministers, Members of Religious Orders, and Christian Science Practitioners.
Form 4415—Election To Exempt From Self-Employment Coverage Fees Received by Certain Public Officers and Employees of a State or Political Subdivision Thereof.
OAAN-5028—Evidence of Application for Social Security Number Card.
OAAN-7003—Request for Change in Social Security Records. (For use by an individual to change information given on original application for a social security number.)
OAR-7004—Request for Statement of Earnings. (For use by worker to obtain a statement of earnings recorded in his earnings record.)
OAR-7008—Request for Correction of Earnings Record. (For use by an individual who wishes to have his earnings record revised.)
SSA-7011—Statement of Employer. (For use by an employer to provide evidence of wage payments in cases of a wage discrepancy in an individual's earnings record.)
[38 FR 11452, May 8, 1973]