20 CFR § 665.200 - What are required Statewide workforce investment activities?

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§ 665.200 What are required Statewide workforce investment activities?

Required Statewide workforce investment activities are:

(a) Required rapid response activities, as described in § 665.310;

(b) Disseminating:

(1) The State list of eligible providers of training services (including those providing non-traditional training services), for adults and dislocated workers;

(2) Information identifying eligible providers of on-the-job training (OJT) and customized training;

(3) Performance and program cost information about these providers, as described in 20 CFR 663.540; and

(4) A list of eligible providers of youth activities as described in WIA section 123;

(c) States must assure that the information listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (4) of this section is widely available.

(d) Conducting evaluations, under WIA section 136(e), of workforce investment activities for adults, dislocated workers and youth, in order to establish and promote methods for continuously improving such activities to achieve high-level performance within, and high-level outcomes from, the Statewide workforce investment system. Such evaluations must be designed and conducted in conjunction with the State and Local Boards, and must include analysis of customer feedback, outcome and process measures in the workforce investment system. To the maximum extent practicable, these evaluations should be conducted in coordination with Federal evaluations carried out under WIA section 172.

(e) Providing incentive grants:

(1) To local areas for regional cooperation among Local Boards (including Local Boards for a designated region, as described in 20 CFR 661.290);

(2) For local coordination of activities carried out under WIA; and

(3) For exemplary performance by local areas on the performance measures.

(f) Providing technical assistance to local areas that fail to meet local performance measures.

(g) Assisting in the establishment and operation of One-Stop delivery systems, in accordance with the strategy described in the State workforce investment plan. (WIA sec. 112(b)(14).)

(h) Providing additional assistance to local areas that have high concentrations of eligible youth.

(i) Operating a fiscal and management accountability information system, based on guidelines established by the Secretary after consultation with the Governors, chief elected officials, and One-Stop partners, as required by WIA section 136(f). (WIA secs. 129(b)(2), 134(a)(2), and 136(e)(2).)