20 CFR § 703.304 - Filing of Agreement and Undertaking; deposit of security.

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§ 703.304 Filing of Agreement and Undertaking; deposit of security.

Within 45 days of the date on which the employer receives the Branch's decision (or, if the employer requests a hearing, a period set by the Longshore Director or the Longshore Director's representative) granting its application to self-insure and fixing the required security deposit amount (see § 703.303), the employer must:

(a) Execute and file with the Branch an Agreement and Undertaking, in a form prescribed and provided by OWCP, in which the employer shall agree to:

(1) Pay when due, as required by the provisions of the Act, all compensation payable on account of injury or death of any of its employees injured within the purview of the Act;

(2) Furnish medical, surgical, hospital, and other attendance, treatment and care as required by the Act;

(3) Deposit with the Branch indemnity bonds or letters of credit in the amount fixed by the Office, or deposit negotiable securities under §§ 703.306 and 703.307 in that amount;

(4) Authorize the Branch, at its discretion, to bring suit under any deposited indemnity bond or to draw upon any deposited letters of credit, as appropriate under the terms of the security instrument, or to collect the interest and principal as they become due on any deposited negotiable securities and to seize and sell or otherwise liquidate such negotiable securities or any part thereof when the employer:

(i) Defaults on any of its LHWCA obligations;

(ii) Fails to renew any deposited letter of credit or substitute a new letter of credit, indemnity bond or acceptable negotiable securities in its place;

(iii) Fails to renew any deposited negotiable securities at maturity or substitute a letter of credit, indemnity bond or acceptable negotiable securities in their place; or

(iv) Fails to comply with any of the terms of the Agreement and Undertaking;

(5) Authorize the Branch, at its discretion, to pay such compensation, medical, and other expenses and any accrued penalties imposed by law as it may find to be due and payable from the proceeds of the deposited security; and

(6) Obtain and maintain, if required by the Office, excess or catastrophic insurance in amounts to be determined by the Office.

(b) Give security in the amount fixed in the Office's decision:

(1) In the form of an indemnity bond with sureties satisfactory to the Office, and in such form and containing such provisions as the Office may prescribe: Provided, That only surety companies approved by the United States Treasury Department under the laws of the United States and the rules and regulations governing bonding companies may act as sureties on such indemnity bonds (see Department of Treasury's Circular-570);

(2) In the form of letters of credit issued by a financial institution satisfactory to the Branch and upon which the Branch may draw; or,

(3) By a deposit of negotiable securities with a Federal Reserve Bank or the Treasurer of the United States in compliance with §§ 703.306 and 703.307.