20 CFR § 703.311 - Required reports; examination of self-insurer accounts.

§ 703.311 Required reports; examination of self-insurer accounts.

(a) Upon the Office's request, each self-insurer must submit the following reports:

(1) A certified financial statement of the self-insurer's assets and liabilities, or a balance sheet.

(2) A sworn statement showing by classifications the payroll of employees of the self-insurer who are engaged in employment within the purview of the LHWCA or any of its extensions.

(3) A sworn statement covering the six-month period preceding the date of such report, listing by compensation districts all death and injury cases which have occurred during such period, together with a report of the status of all outstanding claims showing the particulars of each case.

(b) Whenever it considers necessary, the Office may inspect or examine a self-insurer's books of account, records, and other papers to verify any financial statement or other information the self-insurer furnished to the Office in any report required by this section, or any other section of the regulations in this part. The self-insurer must permit the Office or its duly authorized representative to make the inspection or examination. Alternatively, the Office may accept an adequate report of a certified public accountant.