20 CFR § 726.102 - Application for authority to become a self-insurer; how filed; information to be submitted.

§ 726.102 Application for authority to become a self-insurer; how filed; information to be submitted.

(a) How filed. Application for authority to become a self-insurer shall be addressed to the Office and be made on a form provided by the Office. Such application shall be signed by the applicant over his typewritten name and if the applicant is not an individual, by the principal officer of the applicant duly authorized to make such application over his typewritten name and official designation and shall be sworn to by him. If the applicant is a corporation, the corporate seal shall be affixed. The application shall be filed with the Office in Washington, D.C.

(b) Information to be submitted. Each application for authority to self-insure shall contain:

(1) A statement of the employer's payroll report for each of the preceding 3 years;

(2) A statement of the average number of employees engaged in employment within the purview of the Act for each of the preceding 3 years;

(3) A list of the mine or mines to be covered by any particular self-insurance agreement. Each such mine or mines listed shall be described by name and reference shall be made to the Federal Identification Number assigned such mine by the Bureau of Mines, U.S. Department of the Interior;

(4) A certified itemized statement of the gross and net assets and liabilities of the operator for each of the 3 preceding years in such manner as prescribed by the Office;

(5) A statement demonstrating the applicant's administrative capacity to provide or procure adequate servicing for a claim including both medical and dollar claims; and

(6) In addition to the aforementioned, the Office may in its discretion, require the applicant to submit such further information or such evidence as the Office may deem necessary to have in order to enable it to give adequate consideration to such application.

(c) Who may file. An application for authorization to self-insure may be filed by any parent or subsidiary corporation, partner or partnership, party to a joint venture or joint venture, individual, or other business entity which may be determined liable for the payment of black lung benefits under part C of title IV of the Act, regardless of whether such applicant is directly engaged in the business of mining coal. However, in each case for which authorization to self-insure is granted, the agreement and undertaking filed pursuant to § 726.110 and the security deposit shall be respectively filed by and deposited in the name of the applicant only.