21 CFR § 1313.14 - Disposition of import declaration.

§ 1313.14 Disposition of import declaration.

The importer, or their agent, must submit an official record of the import declaration and/or required data concerning the import transaction to a customs officer at the port of entry in compliance with all import control requirements of agencies with import control authorities under the Act or statutory authority other than the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act. For List I chemicals, the final destination of the import transaction must only be the registered location of the importer (i.e., drop shipments are prohibited). A regulated person must maintain an official record of the declaration (available from the DEA Diversion Control Division secure network application after the Administration issues a transaction identification number) in accordance with part 1310 of this chapter as the record of the import. Official records of import declarations involving listed chemicals must be retained for two years.

[81 FR 97037, Dec. 30, 2016]