21 CFR § 177.1400 - Hydroxyethyl cellulose film, water-insoluble.

§ 177.1400 Hydroxyethyl cellulose film, water-insoluble.

Water-insoluble hydroxyethyl cellulose film may be safely used for packaging food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) Water-insoluble hydroxyethyl cellulose film consists of a base sheet manufactured by the ethoxylation of cellulose under controlled conditions, to which may be added certain optional substances of a grade of purity suitable for use in food packaging as constituents of the base sheet or as coatings applied to impart desired technological properties.

(b) Subject to any limitations prescribed in parts 170 through 189 of this chapter, the optional substances used in the base sheet and coating may include:

(1) Substances generally recognized as safe in food.

(2) Substances permitted to be used in water-insoluble hydroxyethyl cellulose film by prior sanction or approval and under conditions specified in such sanctions or approval, and substances listed in part 181, subpart B of this chapter.

(3) Substances that by any regulation promulgated under section 409 of the act may be safely used as components of water-insoluble hydroxyethyl cellulose film.

(4) Substances identified in and used in compliance with § 177.1200(c).

(c) Any substance employed in the production of the water-insoluble hydroxyethyl cellulose film described in this section that is the subject of a regulation in parts 174, 175, 176, 177, 178 and § 179.45 of this chapter conforms with any specification in such regulation.