21 CFR § 178.3650 - Odorless light petroleum hydrocarbons.

§ 178.3650 Odorless light petroleum hydrocarbons.

Odorless light petroleum hydrocarbons may be safely used, as a component of nonfood articles intended for use in contact with food, in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

(a) The additive is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum or synthesized from petroleum gases. The additive is chiefly paraffinic, isoparaffinic, or naphthenic in nature.

(b) The additive meets the following specifications:

(1) Odor is faint and not kerosenic.

(2) Initial boiling point is 300 °F minimum.

(3) Final boiling point is 650 °F maximum.

(4) Ultraviolet absorbance limits determined by method specified in § 178.3620(b)(1)(ii), as follows:

Wavelength (Mµ) Maximum absorbance per centimeter optical pathlength
280 to 289 4.0
290 to 299 3.3
300 to 329 2.3
330 to 360 .8

(c) The additive is used as follows:

Use Limitations
As a plasticizer and absorber oil in the manufacture of polyolefin articles authorized for food contact use In an amount not to exceed that required to produce intended effect, consistent with good manufacturing practice.
As a lubricant of fibers of textiles authorized for food contact use At a use level not to exceed 0.15 percent by weight of finished fibers.
As a component of adhesives Complying with § 175.105 of this chapter.
As a defoamer in the manufacture of paper and paperboard Complying with § 176.210 of this chapter.
As a defoamer in coatings Complying with § 176.200 of this chapter.

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